Autumn in the brecon beacons part 4

Sunsets can be spectacular event as westerly fronts heavy with warm moist air race across the hills with bellowing fluffy clouds reflecting the vivid reds and oranges of the setting sun only lasting  minuets but moments which will stay with you a very long-time. These conditions are by no means common so a keen eye must be kept on the weather forecast looking for the conditions to be just so as each day can bring different possibilities and opportunities.

The gloomy dark days are by no means a waste of time and must no be wasted sat in the house as these conditions are perfect for photographing waterfalls as sunlight through cloud give a diffused  light helping avoid deep contrasting  shadows and  allowing the photographer to use an long exposure time to produce the magical silky smooth water as the rivers flow with a fresh vibrancy energised by  rainfall and sprinkled with the confetti of the autumnal leaves.

Autumn in the hills of the brecon beacons pt 3

September the 22nd used to be a very significant date in the cycle of our ancestors as this date is the autumnal equinox a day when night and day are the same length. This triggers the rush of many trees and plants to fruit before the winter bites, birds will flock to fruit bearing tress and mammals will start to hoard goodies for leaner times.

The change in the length of day light is a blessing for the photographer as the sun rises at an almost sociable time and a photography session to capture the golden hour is very possible before being drawn away for work. It can be very rewarding as the valleys of the river Usk and Wye if condition are perfect will be full of dawn mist locally know as “the dragons breath”

 which absorbs the pastel glow of the rising sun  giving the scene an other worldly magic.

autumn in the hills of the breconbeacons pt 2


The end of august brings the spectacle of the persied meteor shower and signal the stunning display of heather which flushes over the moorland of the black mountains in the brecon beacons like a giant neon sign advertising the fact that the wimberries are in fruitimage

and for those who have a keen eye a totally unique treat is waiting for the picking. so unique are the whimberries that many attempt to cultivate this robust little plant have failed therefore they can only be found in secretive places high up in the hills where the clouds brush the ground.

Autumn in the hills of the brecon beacons pt 1

With the height of summer behind us and the nights slowly drawing in a distinctive chill can be felt  in the dawn by many on their way to work some people start to feel a sense of melancholy.


 However if like me you suffer from the addiction of landscape photography these delicate signs awake a sleeping passion to “grab your camera and head for the hills”  as our countryside really comes into its own with the onset of autumn the trees slowly cease their production of chlorophyll and the true colours can be seen the reds yellow and golden browns sweep across the countryside, a feast for eyes tired by the shades of green that are everywhere in the summer months.